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We help accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisories transform their business into client acquisition machines.
Our Story

Launch Marketing was founded in late 2016 with the goal of transforming the way the industry views marketing. Typically, the financial industry is notorious for relying on referrals and traditional marketing strategies - we implement systems and processes to ensure you have a steady stream of new enquiries every day so that you no longer have to rely on referrals.  

Our Vision

We have the resources, expertise and experience needed to bridge the gap for financial firms that don't have the time or expertise to get a measurable return on their social media marketing. Ultimately, our vision is for all accountants, bookkeepers and advisers in Australia to embrace digital marketing and reap the benefits of executing on a proven strategy.


The results we're able to provide clients come as a result of integrating battle-tested, proven marketing techniques with the best technology and software available on the market. This allows for a seamless marketing process and ultimately provides the prospect with an incredible buying journey. Ask us if you would like any more information regarding software.


How it works


We implement systems to automate the process of nurturing a cold prospect into a lead and eventually into a client. This is executed through asset creation - specifically a lead magnet that attract the clients you want to work with. Ultimately, the goal is for the prospect to schedule a call with you through this system. We focus on illuminating problems and marketing you as the solution.

Lead Generation

Once the sales funnel has been implemented and dialled in we execute paid advertising to amplify the results. It’s like pouring gasoline on an already lit fire from your organic outreach and referrals. With the automation in place and having a system doing the heavy lifting for you in the background, you can start focusing on other key aspects of your business whilst we optimise and manage your digital marketing.

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